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Our body is an amazing machine. No other system can be compared to our body. Every cell, every neuron, every square inch of our body is there for a reason. We abuse the body and it still struggles on valiantly. We have inbuilt systems to fight whatever threatens our body. But it is only human after all and may sometimes need help in overcoming certain threats. That is where conventional medicine parts ways with homeopathy. Conventional medicine treats the body like a machine. If something goes wrong a crank here and a push there should set it right. It does work and the results are immediate. But for the most part they are not permanent.

About Dr. Sandra Kamiak

Homeopathy does not treat the body like a machine. It looks at the parts that are not functioning effectively and then it takes a step back and looks at the entire picture. Only then is a diagnosis made after understanding the whole picture. Dr. Sandra Kamiak, a homeopathic doctor in Saratoga realized the limitations of conventional medicine while getting her medical degree. So, after she got her degree she expanded her knowledge by training in psychosynthesis, homeopathy, nutritional support, energetic essences, and treatment of addiction. She wanted to include complementary medicine options that were safe, effective and cleared the path toward inner freedom, from which one could pursue life in a more meaningful and loving way.

Visit to find out more about this natural doctor in the Bay Area. You can also call her at (408) 741-1332.

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Interconnected in the Creator's Universe

Creator's Universe Sandra Kamiak,M.D., offers an inspirational journey about body- mind-spiritual healing, in unity, for all of mankind, in oneness with all of the Earth, as we are about to transition to a higher level of consciousness, in harmony with Spirit and the Galactic Center (Beyond 2012). Transformative guidance is offered for spiritual, mind- body healing in preparation for our Earth's transition to a higher dimension of existence. Healing tools for this journey include visualizations, homeopathy, and psychosynthesis, as well as inclusive spiritual resources. New, cutting edge, vibrational/energetic concepts in transformative healing, are also highlighted, with references to holographic-sound-wave-DNA-photon-quantum theory. Are you ready? Read More

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The Wonders of Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is the foundation of Dr. Sandra Kamiak’s treatment. She believes that an illness has to be treated physically, mentally and spiritually to achieve a permanent cure. The body takes abuse from us and our environment on a daily basis. We plan too much in a day, then we find ourselves not able to complete what we had planned and then we get stressed that things are not going according to plan. When we get stress related allergies and headaches, we pop a couple of pills to alleviate the pain and go on with our stressed out lives. We think we are helping our body with the pills we take as it relieves pain instantly. But we are just adding insult to injury as it were and abusing our body yet again.

Dr. Sandra Kamiak, homeopathic doctor in California will be able to help you understand how your body works and what is holistic healing. You can contact her at (408) 741-1332 or visit her website at


Homeopathy is a popular form of holistic healing as it treats the illness as a whole. Homeopathy does not try to find an immediate cure for the symptoms but tries to find the cause of the illness and treats the illness and helps prevent it occurring again. Homeopathic medicines have no harmful side effects as it uses a very small and diluted amount of the active ingredient that treats the illness. So the treatment may take longer but the outcome may be more effective and long lasting.

Make an appointment with this natural doctor in the Bay Area by calling her at (408) 741-1332. You can also visit her website at to find out more about homeopathy.
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Psychosynthesis - Growth Oriented Therapy

Psychosynthesis is a psychological approach to the way we live our lives. At a general level it helps us understand ourselves and the world around us. It helps us identify what our needs are and find our full potential. It helps us discover our spiritual selves and in the process unburden ourselves from the painful excess baggage that most of us carry. Once we have made this discovery it helps us utilize this discovery to live our lives fruitfully. Psychotherapy is the therapeutic arm of psychosynthesis.

Sandra Kamiak is trained in psychosynthesis and you can seek her help by calling her at (408) 741-1332. Visit to read more about psychosynthesis.

Alcoholism-Chemical Dependency

Another escape from everyday lives that people use are various drugs which helps them get a high, or a low or just get through the day. In most of these cases there is an underlying problem which is what the addict is trying to escape from when he gets high. Here too help needs to be holistic. You can physically tie a person down or lock them up in a room and get them out of the addiction but once they leave there is no guarantee that they will stay off it. Come the next crisis and they are back in the habit. The treatment has to be holistic to achieve long lasting results.

Drug addiction can be cured. Call Sandra Kamiak at (408) 741-1332 and get help.

Eat Healthy

When talking about the body, there are two important lifestyle changes that we can do with immediate effect to get ourselves on the road to good health. Good food and exercise. Obesity is now being considered a disease and people get treated for it. Some people need help in shedding the fat. A good natural doctor like Sandra Kamiak can prescribe the proper diet with adequate nutritional supplements to get your body on the road to good health again.

All Things Healing Sandra Kamiak has her offices located at:
Sandra Kamiak
14583 Big Basin Way-Unit 3B
Saratoga, CA 95070-6072, USA.

This homeopathic doctor in California can be contacted at (408) 741-1332 and her working hours are between 9:00 am - 8:00 pm Monday through Friday by appointment. But you can reach her answering service at anytime and leave a message and she will get back to you.

Call Sandra Kamiak at (408) 741-1332 to fix an appointment with her. Visit her website at and you will be able to understand homeopathy and holistic healing better.

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